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Hey Em | Online Business Manager
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Feeling overwhelmed by the endless roles you play in your business?

It's a common scenario, but it doesn't have to be yours

You’ve worked hard to build your business, honing your skills and refining your services.

But with success comes a mountain of day-to-day tasks and complex planning that can overwhelm even the most organised individuals.

Don't get overwhelmed with endless tasks

These operational challenges don’t just slow your growth; they can also dampen the passion that drove you to start your business. It’s time for a change. Let’s streamline how your business operates to align with your big ambitions. We’ll manage the chaos, turning it into order, so you can focus on what you do best and enjoy your business again.


Crafting your success story

Your Podcast, Perfected for Publishing

Accelerating Success

Is an Online Business Manager right for you?

An OBM is a professional who oversees the daily operations of an online business, managing tasks, teams, and projects to drive growth and efficiency.

OBMs handle project management, team coordination, system implementation, and strategic planning to optimise business performance.

If you’re spending more time managing tasks than growing your business, it’s likely time to consider partnering with an OBM.

While initial input and collaboration are essential, OBMs are skilled at managing day-to-day operations independently, providing regular updates and seeking input when necessary.

Investing in an OBM is an investment in your business’s efficiency and growth. Costs vary based on the scope of work and the OBM’s experience, but the return on investment can be significant.

Look for OBMs with relevant experience, proven track records, and strong communication skills. Consider referrals, reviews, and introductory calls to find the best fit for your business needs.

Kind Words

I have tried many different ways of getting stuff done in my business, Pa’s, virtual or face to face, admin assistants, marketing gurus, social media managers. Em seems to have the innate ability to be all of those things for me at once, she requires minimal instruction, minimal management and very little of my time to instinctively get the things done that I can’t or won’t. 

She comes with all the attributes required to make my life as a CEO easier, whilst bringing a high level of understanding and experience of administration, social media, marketing, and policy.
Emma collaborated with me and a large marketing team to release the Global vaccination online summit, she runs my training business, overseeing the new website, email lists, bookings, and tech support. She incorporated a marketing strategy for my private medical company. She manages my diary and keeps me on the straight and narrow!
Emma is a constant support there when I need her and quietly industrious and effective when I don’t.
After ten years in business Emma is the best I have worked with, once you have her you will not want to let her go!!
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